Medical metal furniture. Functional beds, donor armchairs, massage tables, furniture for pediatrics and others
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          LTD “Tehstroy” Nizhny Novgorod offers production of its own manufacturing. “Tehstroy” - is a wide range of medical metal furniture and techniques for medical institutions, life and rest. Ltd “Tehstroy’ has successfully worked since 2003. 

Permanent examination of world trends of development of medical equipment and using modern materials and technologies let us to take strong positions on the medical equipment market in no time.

We are improving the construction of produced equipment, providing comfortable conditions for patients and staff. The sphere of using new technologies is an image of success. Those things, which some time before seemed to be unreal, are everyday reality now. And moreover it lies on the basis of future innovation decisions.

Ltd “Tehstroy” has an experience of producing the complex of professional training simulators, made on the basis of recommendations of experts-trainers and last developments of leading firms in this area all over the world. While producing our production we use the most modern technologies and equipment.

Заготовительный участокЗаготовительный участок 2Сварочный участокСварочный участок 2

Деревообрабатывающий участокДеревообрабатывающий участок 2Деревообрабатывающий участок 3Вакуумная формовка (прессовка)

Вакуумная формовка (прессовка) 2Участок полимерного покрытияШвейный участок

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