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A laboratory cupboard 04.00
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A laboratory cupboard  04.00

A laboratory cupboard 04.00

The frame of the cupboard is made of aluminum profile with different sections covered with polymer-powder paint. The filling of the frame laminated papering plastic with double-sided chemically resistant covering with the thickness of 3 mm / chipboard 8 mm. Plastic / chipboard is put into the frame with the help of compactor made of hermetic. The floor is made of chipboard. The attachment of the frame to the floor is by the screws. The ends of the legs are covered with caps. All grooves of the frame are covered with molded-caps with different sections, grey color.

The cupboard has 4 doors:

-Two doors are at the bottom, two shelves made of chipboard are inside.

-Two doors are at the top, two shelves made of chipboard are inside.

The doors are made of plastic and aluminum profile, rotating on the axis, fix by the magnetic holders. The shelves are made of chipboard with the thickness of 16 mm. The height of the shelves can be regulated. The standard packaging - corrugated cardboard. Delivered in assembled form.

When sending by the transport company, wooden crate is required.

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