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The training apparatus for a knee joint

This training apparatus is developed on a basis of more than 20-year-old experience of the research institute of traumatology and orthopedy of Nizhni Novgorod in the field of restoration of functions of a knee joint while operative and conservative treatment of its damages and diseases ( 1243691). The training apparatus is developed under the direction of the honored doctor of the Russian Federation, the doctor of medical sciences Shimbaretskiy A.N.

The training apparatus for a knee joint developed by our company has no analogues in the world.
The training apparatus is made of high-quality materials that provides its reliable and long service. The device makes possible fulfilling a wide complex of complementary rehabilitation actions at all stages of treatment, since immediate postoperative therapy to a concluding period when it is used as a training apparatus.
With the help of the device it is possible to spend following kinds of terapy for a knee joint:
1. Passive movements by operating shins lodgement with the help of the lever.
2. As much as possible facilitated active movements at the counterbalanced shin with stage-by-stage reduction of degree of unloading.
3. Usual active movements in volume to 110 degrees.
4. Exercises for strengthening flexor at fixing of cargoes to the counterbalance lever.
5. Exercises for strengthening quadriceps at fixing cargoes to lodgement.
6. Inertial pendular mechanotherapy at fastening cargoes to lodgement and to a counterbalance.
7. Bending of a shin supervised by the patient by the big traction effort of loaded lodgement in a combination with paraffin application.

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