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The furniture set Tourist
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The furniture set Tourist

The furniture set Tourist

The set of tourist furniture is for having rest in the hiking conditions. It is consists of 2 folding armchairs and a folding table.

The armchair has a metal frame, covered with polymer-powder paint. A removable soft mattress made of high-quality PPU and dense texture (like Oxford) is very comfortable in using.

The legs of the armchair are made in pairs, and thats why the stability of the armchair is perfect. The chair changes into the relaxation form by folding only back legs.

The absence of the armrests allows to sit or stand up in the range of 180 degrees.

Overall dimensions in the folding form:

-length 940 mm

-width 510 mm

-height 90 mm

Mass 5 kg

The height of the seat 360 mm

The table is made of the chipboard 10 mm on the frame of the metal pipe 20x20, covered with polymer-powder paint.

The height of the table in the working position 620 mm.

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