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The four-section functional bed - 4 ( 3)
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The four-section functional bed - 4 ( 3)

The four-section functional bed allows to create allows you to create the necessary conditions for treating and preventive activities, also it is very comfortable for the staff during the patient care.

The bed consists of the basis (power rack), the bedding, two backs. The basis is made of round pipes with the diameter of 22 and 38 mm, and profile pipe 40x25 mm. The legs of the bed are made of the pipe with the round section and with diameter of 38 mm. The legs are attached to the rack with the help of pair plates 110x50mm, thickness 4mm, with the holes (protects from the moving of connections), steel threaded sleeves are welded inside the basis of the leg. Four swiveling wheels with the diameter of 125 mm are attached to the basis, two of them have brakes. The wheels are made of grey trackless rubber, produced by TENTE. In the head and foot parts of the basis there are two backs attached with the insertions made of chipboard, thickness 16 mm. The height of the back in the head and foot parts of the bed 690 mm. The attachment mechanism of the backs allows to remove and install them easily (Quick-detachable).

The bedding consists of four sections which hinged connected to each other: back, hip, intermediate, foot.

Horizontal section regulating:

  • Back section 0-75 degrees (comb, RASTOMAT)
  • Intermediate section 0-60 degrees (comb, RASTOMAT)
  • Foot section 0-30 degrees (comb, RASTOMAT)

The sections are made of square pipe 25x25and welded gauze made of wire with the diameter of 4 mm, cell 100x50 mm. Bedding support on the power rack is carried out through the polyethylene gasket. The back part of the bedding rises with the help of the comb (rastomat). The hip part is fixed and rigidly attached to the power rack. Intermediate section starts to move with the help of the comb (rastomat). The foot part of the bedding starts to move at the same time with the intermediate section by the steel lever, by which foot section and power rack are connected.

All metal parts of the bed are painted with white polymer-powder paint.

The bed has four corner bumpers and six limiters of the mattress in the end parts of the bed and on the head and foot sections (at the edges)

Dimensional sizes of the bedding:

  • Head section 740 mm
  • Hip section 270 mm
  • Intermediate section 350 mm
  • Foot section 460 mm

Additional equipment: dropper stand, set of the side rails, stand for the bedpan, Balkan frame, traction frame, the mattress for the three-section functional bed.

  • Overall dimensions: 2100x965x1080
  • Max load 200 kg
  • Average service 10 years
  • Mass not more than 68 kg
  • Package amount 0.4 cbm
  • The height of lying 550 mm

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