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The three-section functional bed - 5 ( - 3)
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The three-section functional bed - 5 ( - 3)

Functional Bed - 3

Beds are delivered on the wheels, the first figure is the number of mobile units, and letters are the type of drive: - comb, - Screw, - electric lift (marked from the head section)

Functional Bed - 3 is for to create necessary conditions for the medical and prophylactic activities, and for the convenience of service staff during the patient care.

Functional Bed has three mobile units; its possible to change the height of the bed, using electric drive.

The bed consists of a base (power frame), a bed, two backs, drives. The base is made of round pipes of 38 and 22 mm in diameter and profiled pipes of 40x25 mm. Four pintle wheels with the diameter of 125 mm are fastened to the base of the bed; Two of them are with brakes. The wheels are made of gray rubber, leaving no traces. In the head and foot part of the base the back with inserts from laminated wood chipboard are mounted. The mechanism of backs attachment lets quickly lift and install them (quick back).

Bed consists of four sections which are connected hingedly: back, hip, intermediate and leg section. Adjustment of sections to the horizontal:

  • Back section of 0 -75 degrees (Electric)
  • Intermediate section 0 - 60 degrees (screw)
  • Leg Section 0 - 30 degrees (arm)

Sections of the bed are made of square tubes of 25x25 and welded wire grid with a diameter of 5 mm., the size of a cell is 100x50 mm. A bed supports to a frame comes through the polyethylene pads. Back part of the bed is raised with the help of electric drive ILCON with a remote control panel. Electric drive works from the network of alternating current at a frequency of 50 Hz with a nominal voltage of 220V and is for short-term deviations of the supply voltage + 10% of the nominal value.

The coxal section of the bed is fixed and firmly hitched to the power frame. The intermediate section of the bed - is activated by the kick-back, with the help of the screw mechanism, which is made of steel and bronze, and is protected from overload (antivandal screw). Foot section is driven by a comb mechanism. All metal parts of the bed are painted with white polymeric- powder paint. The bed has four corner bumpers and equipped with electric drive by company "ILCON" in order to lift the back section.

Additional set: rack for a dropper, side fences, support under a bad-pan, Balkan frame, mattress for a functional three sectional bed

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